Douchebag Wisdom

Dealing with Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a douchebag. And what’s worse–he brings out the douchebag in me! I struggle daily to remain open-minded and tender-hearted in this world of hatred and intolerance that he’s cultivated and reaped.

He’s not just amoral. Donald Trump is a criminal.

He’s currently under four criminal investigations, including: 1) his attempt to overturn the 2020 election, 2) stealing classified documents from the White House, 3) fraudulent business practices in New York, and 4) paying hush money to Stormy Daniels. 

He’s every movie villain I’ve grown up with:  Trumpzilla, TrumpFace, Trumpenstein, DarthTrump, Nagus Trump, Scut Trump, Biff Trump, the Grinch and Scrooge

Politics is messy business, the issues complex, but these movie-villain analogies simplify the subject and make the issues easy to understand and discuss. Read how Trump’s policies hurt people and the planet. Learn what resources are available to stand tall for all.

Yes, this book is about Donald Trump, but it’s more than that. This book is about YOUR REACTION to Donald Trump and the actions you’ll take to assure Democracy continues–with liberty and justice for all!

Panic much? It’s true!

If you don’t think so, you’re NOT PAYING ATTENTION! If you are part of the population that DIDN’T VOTE in the 2020 Presidential or the 2022 Mid-term elections, WAKE-UP! The world needs you! YOU will determine who wins the 2024 Election! And we need Democrats in the White House; we need to keep the Senate; and we need to retake the House! 

Even though Joe Biden is doing everything he can to combat the disastrous years of Trump in the White House, we are currently feeling the effects: 

  • Train derailments in Ohio caused by Trump’s deregulation
  • Bank failure in California due to Trump’s deregulation
  • Trump’s Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade and now millions of women across the country NO LONGER CONTROL what happens to our own bodies!
  • Republicans across the country are criminalizing abortion access and denying access to birth control 
  • Massive tax breaks have been given to millionaires, billionaires and tax cheats 
  • Middle class and poor are paying more in Trump taxes, wages are stagnant and cost of goods is up due to the unmitigated greed of Capitalists
  • Republicans are calling for immigrants to be deported
  • Hispanics, refugees and People of Color are being interned in for-profit prisons 
  • Hundreds of issues are being decided without your voice! 

I hope this book will help you cope with the stress, negativity, depression and rage you’re feeling. A little douchebag wisdom can help get you through. Laughter helps; and so does action! 

Douchebag Wisdom provides support for people who love and support people. Each chapter ends with causes to support and ways to get involved.

You’ve smelled the hatred from Trump and the Republicans, you are witnessing the all-out assault on Women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, Veterans’ rights, and Immigrants’ rights but you prefer the message of love and hope from the Democrats! Welcome to the cause—the #BlueWave! Time to vote for your local DEMOCRATS!

You’re not crazy! We’re all feeling it—the Trump Effect. We’ve been beat-up with lies and ugly rhetoric, but we must continue to look for the good! It’ll take a bit of twisty logic, but we are not helpless or hopeless; we are Americans! 

It’s time to get informed and get involved. That means we need YOU! It’s time to spread the love, the light, and the laughter. We need a grassroots effort to make this a kinder, gentler world and that STARTS WITH YOU! It starts with each of us. 

Pick a movie, pick a chapter, pick an issue, pick a friend and start walking, talking, and engaging on the issues. Let Douchebag Wisdom guide you. Or if you need a true Voter’s Guide, read Fight Like a Lady and One Mad Mother, 2020 edition. The 2024 Voter’s Guide will be coming soon. 

And, for the love of humanity and the planet, get out and VOTE November 5th, 2024! And TAKE A FRIEND!

About Lima Bravo

Lima Bravo has been a helpful, hopeful sort her entire life. As a student of psychology, theology, sociology, and quantum physics, she’s spent her life as a marketer exploring human behavior: how we respond to the challenges in our lives and to each other.

She’s a motivational speaker who believes our words create our realities, and she uses her words to lift others and help them live their best lives. Lima strives to find the humor and the silver lining in all of life’s lessons and challenges. Her sincerest wish is to create common denominators that spark respectful conversations.

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