This book is about Donald Trump:

The incompetent, vicious, and vile Donald Trump.

But it’s more than that.

This book is about your reaction to Donald Trump.

If you’re one of the 65 million people who voted for Hillary, I hope this book will help you cope with the stress, negativity, depression and rage; a little douchebag wisdom can help get you through. Laughter helps.

If you’re one of the 62 million who voted for Trump and are now disillusioned and angry, read on. Hopefully, this book will give us all talking points and new perspectives because this planet and the people need healing!

If you’re one of the 92 million people who didn’t vote in the 2016 presidential election, WAKE-UP! The world needs you! Trump is implementing policies that affect every part of our lives. We’ll be feeling the repercussions for years. YOU will determine who wins the 2018 mid-term elections as well as the White House in 2020. May these words inspire you to speak-up and be counted. Vote!

Whether Trump is the hero or villain in your Hollywood story, for all of us, my hope is to foster a dialogue. Let’s explore the comedy and tragedy of Donald Trump, his Administration, the Congress, and their policies as told through movie villains: Trumpzilla, TrumpFace, Trumpenstein, DarthTrump, the Grand Nagus, King Dong, the Grinch, Scrooge and others.

You’re not crazy! We’re all feeling it—the Trump Effect. It’ll take a bit of twisty logic, but we are not helpless or hopeless; we are Americans! It’s time to get informed and get involved. It’s time to spread the love and the light. We need a grassroots effort to make this a kinder, gentler world and that starts with each of us. Pick a movie, pick a chapter, pick an issue, pick a friend and let the dialog begin. Let Douchebag Wisdom guide you.

And, for the love of humanity and the planet, get out and vote!

About Lima Bravo

Lima Bravo has been a helpful, hopeful sort her entire life. As a student of psychology, theology, sociology, and quantum physics, she’s spent her life as a marketer exploring human behavior: how we respond to the challenges in our lives and to each other.

She’s a motivational speaker who believes our words create our realities, and she uses her words to lift others and help them live their best lives. Lima strives to find the humor and the silver lining in all of life’s lessons and challenges. Her sincerest wish is to create common denominators that spark respectful conversations.

She’s available for customized keynotes and workshops. Email her at: lindeebrauer@msn.com

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