Help Save Democracy!

Fight Like a Lady and One Mad Mother!

Protect the People and Planet from Crybaby Trump

If you’re not sure yet WHO you’ll vote for, this is the Voter’s Guide for you!

Told through the voices of Lady Liberty, Lady Justice and Mother Nature, you’ll learn the Why, Who, and How. Why this election is so important and what’s at stake; Who to vote for to assure Democracy continues; and How to vote with mail-in ballots or in-person. 

Share this Guide with your friends and family to encourage them to vote. Share this Guide with the Trump supporters in your life. It just might change their mind. We can only hope.

Click here to get the 2020’s Voter’s Guide.

2024 Voter’s Guide coming soon! 

Use this 12 Step Action Plan to get yourself moving!

Be Prepared: prep up for Voting Day!


Lima Bravo is the author of Douchebag Wisdom: Dealing with Donald Trump. Douchebag Wisdom tells the story of Trump policies through movie villains: Trumpzilla, DarthTrump, Trumpenstein, TrumpFace and others. Click here for the free downloadable movie poster.


Lima Bravo is a political humorist, speaker and author living in Colorado.