Event Emcee, Keynote and After-Dinner Speaker

Event Emcee, Speaker

A Lima Bravo bitmoji will speak at our event?! How does that work? 

Obviously, I’m real. I’m Lindee Brauer, a motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and marketing specialist by day…an empowered activist and author by night. “Lima Bravo,” my true-most-hopeful-self, represents each one of us who is resisting Donald Trump’s politics and enlisting to help Democrats win in November. 

Lima is on a mission to help others understand the issues, take a stand, get out, and get involved–any way they can! And she does it in a mind-challenging, heart-charging, entertaining way. She uses the Trump Villains to explain the issues and why they matter. 

Lima Bravo is a self-professed cosmic cheerleader. Her emcee and keynote messages combine just the right amount of “can do” and “how to.” She connects with her audience in a personal and genuine way. Her perspectives are fresh, her ideas smart, and her message positive and hopeful. 

#LoquaciousLima is available to emcee your political event, or deliver a customized keynote or after-dinner presentation. Use the sales from Douchebag Wisdom books and posters as a fundraiser at your event. $5 from each book and poster sold will go back to your cause or candidate.

Contact Lima now at douchebagwisdom@gmail.com  or  719 749-6101

P.S. I am only available for Democratic candidates or causes that support ALL PEOPLE AND THE PLANET!