Trump Puts Money Over Lives

As the coronavirus rages from Washington State to New York City, Trump’s concern is for the economy, not your loved ones.

The Trump sycophants are arguing for risking the lives of Americans just to get money pumped back into the economy. Google “Texas Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, 69.” The majority of deaths will be grandparents but people of all ages, races, and religions will die. No one will be spared and the numbers left grieving will be staggering. But Trump cultist believe people are an expendable commodity and are willing to sacrifice you and your loved-ones lives so others can get about their economic business—you know, buying useless shit to enrich billionaires like the Waltons of Walmart who don’t pay a living wage, offer health insurance, or provide paid sick leave to their thousands and thousands of employees.

Trump WILL let your family die. His lawyers are fighting in court today—as the coronavirus rages on—to abolish the Affordable Care Act. Millions will be thrown off insurance, at the same time a bill for a coronavirus-hospital stay costs more than $35,000–even if you die! Believe me, as Trump likes to say, his coronavirus pandemic response is ALL about Trump’s bottom line. (Does Jared have those for-profit testing-site drive-throughs ready yet? And how about the $500 Billion big-business bail-out? Do you REALLY think Steve M’nuch would deny his buddy a cut?! They previewed exactly what they planned to do with the money when they demanded transactions be SECRET even as Trump declined to say he’d decline the money.)

This behavior isn’t new.


Keep reading if you want the story of how Trump denied his own sick nephew health insurance and medical coverage.

Excerpt from Douchebag Wisdom: Dealing with Donald Trump, Chapter 11, Scrooge Trump

Trump’s Own Ghost of the Past

“As for you, nephew, if you were in my will, I’d disinherit you!” said Scrooge to his nephew, Fred.

That could have been Donald Trump talking to his own family, for real, according to David Cay Johnston in his book, The Making of Donald Trump. Johnston, a Pulitzer-winning journalist has studied Trump for decades. My condolences, Dave: tough gig. Entertaining for sure, until somebody gets hurt.

Donald Trump IS Ebenezer Scrooge. He is a disgustingly selfish, revengeful human being. Trump knowingly and intentionally cut off health insurance from is own nephew who suffered from seizures and was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Here’s a portion of the story as reported by Johnston.

In 1999, Trump’s Father, Fred Sr., passed away. According to Johnston, Fred Sr. had written a Will after the death of his oldest son, Fred Jr., in 1981. That Will left the majority of Fred Sr.’s wealth to Donald and his surviving siblings. Fred Jr.’s family was largely cut out. Fred Jr.’s family sued saying Donald Trump had undue influence in that decision since Fred Sr. was suffering from dementia at the time he wrote the Will.

While Fred Sr. was alive, medical insurance and coverage had consistently been provided to Freddy Jr.’s family through Fred Str.’s company. This coverage was so crucial for Fred Sr.’s grandson who suffered from seizures that Trump Sr.’s lawyer sent a letter to the insurer after Fred Str.’s death in 1999 stating all costs for the child’s care should be covered regardless of caps on the plan.

Despite his father’s wishes, Donald Trump took action and canceled the coverage. Trump is quoted as saying, “Why should we give him medical coverage? They sued my father, essentially. I’m not thrilled when someone sues my father.”

Eventually, Trump settled the lawsuit. Did Baby Trump end up with medical coverage? We’ll never know. The settlement agreement is sealed.

You might read that passage and want to think Trump did the right thing, but we’ll never know, because, like his taxes and all other financial dealings–the numbers and truth are hidden!

And now back to the current day Coronavirus Crisis being mismanaged by Donald J Trump, the worst president in the history of the United States! God protect us all. Thank God and the Universe the Democrats put language in the new stimulus bill that says we must know where the money is going. (I personally want Elizabeth Warren on this task.)

Lima Bravo

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Optimism, Pessimism and Coronavirus

We need both: Optimism and Pessimism

People, fellow Americans, friends, family, and neighbors! To anyone tuned in and listening, “Houston, we have a problem,” but one that is solvable!

Insert your own paragraph here about the American Spirit, working together, and our “can do” attitude, because that’s what it’s going to take to get us through the Coronavirus pandemic. And, in case you haven’t been paying attention, it is a problem to US citizens and all inhabitants of the world.

Both optimists and pessimists will have different perspectives, but how we go about solving the problem—our attitude of being focused on the positive as opposed to focusing on the negative–our attitudes are not as important as coming together to solve the problem. I don’t need you to put a smile on your face and downplay the danger of Coronavirus, and I don’t need you to be a panic-driven pessimist and stockpile 100 rolls of toilet paper, I just need you to DO YOUR PART!

Many will downplay it; others will get it, live through it, carry and spread it; and others will die from it. This next week, and how we as a society react, will determine the outcome. Our number one problem? Too many coronavirus patients overwhelming our Hospitals, ERs, and emergency personnel because they need help breathing. That sounds pretty pessimistic. But our health system is not equipped to handle a huge influx of patients.

Look at Italy! Italians are reaching out via Twitter and Facebook and warning Americans NOT to take Coronavirus for granted as they lose more and more of their loved ones to the virus. That is NOT pessimism. That’s a blatant warning based on experience and the loss of life.

Did you see the pictures of the airports as Trump’s travel ban brought thousands of US citizens back home in a rushed panic?! Thousands and thousands of US citizens were funneled through thirteen US airports. One American citizen reported standing shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow travelers for six hours to get their luggage and another two to four hours of standing with sneezing, coughing companions waiting to pass through customs—where NO Coronavirus testing had been set-up DESPITE the lies being told by Donald Trump.

US Citizens returning to Chicago’s O’Hare after Trump’s travel ban.

This is the problem. THIS is the moment we all dreaded when Trump took office: that he would put his interests ahead of those of the American people. He keeps information from us deliberately, intentionally. This is NOT a lack of leadership like many think. THIS IS TRUMP LEADING US, SELLING OUT AMERICAN LIVES FOR MONEY! Trump is deliberately sourcing this problem to the private sector.

Trump turned down the Coronavirus test kits offered to the US by the World Health Organization. Why?! For money, for business, for capitalism, for greed. Trump’s big pharma buddies are getting patents for developing testing kits; Jared Kushner’s brother’s healthcare company is involved with setting-up drive-through testing facilities. That took a bit of time to get organized.

And, who foots the bill? With the passage of a half-ass Families First Bill, the Federal government will foot the bill. That means our tax dollars are going straight to Trump et all. Does that make Trump and his accomplices optimists, pessimists or mere opportunists and greedy capitalists? It doesn’t matter now. Once Trump is out of office his criminal negligence will be investigated. Now? We MUST address the problem, the virus, and encourage people to stay home. Optimists AND pessimists alike.

Here is Google’s PSA as of 3.15.2020, “Do the five.”

  1. HANDS Wash them often
  2. ELBOW Cough into it
  3. FACE Don’t touch it
  4. FEET Stay more than 3ft apart
  5. FEEL sick? Stay home

Let me add a couple of my own:

  • Do one thing daily to grow smarter and stronger (if you’re an optimist);
  • Or not (if you’re a pessimist), why bother?
  • ASK yourself: How can I be part of the solution?   

 German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said,

“A pessimist is an optimist in full possession of the facts.”

That sounds about right but it downplays the necessity of pessimism in our lives. Remember, pessimism created the parachute. I predict good things can come if we learn, grow, and keep improving and striving for all creatures and the planet.

I’m mostly an optimist, but the more time I have to think about our challenge with the coronavirus and the people at risk, the less optimistic I become. I have to stop focusing on Trump’s incompetence and greed and focus on what I can do to help. Like Barb McQuade, I will focus on the positive. She sure sounds optimistic on Twitter:   

@Barb McQuade

Despite Trump’s fumbles, America is stepping up in response to #COVID-19 and remembering who we are. We are resilient, compassionate, creative, and helpful.

8:26 AM 14 Mar 20

She attached this opinion column.  

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam greets staff at the Richmond Community Hospital on Friday morning before discussing the coronavirus with hospital doctors. (Timothy C. Wright/For the Washington Post)

That’s a pretty optimistic take on Coronavirus, but if the virus claims lives in the US like in Italy, we’ll lose many. It’s hard to stay positive when grieving. It’s hard not to let pessimism settle in. They both must be used to move forward.

We’ll need both, optimism and pessimism to solve this problem, to heal and recover as a nation, to disrupt the status quo and create a better world for us all.

All are needed in this campaign. Pessimists and Optimists … (not at all) alike.