Trump is a Fuck-Up!

Trump courts uneducated

Trump is a Fuck-Up!

You Can Count On Donald Trump to Fuck Things Up. Period. End of sentence. The man and his Administration are destroying Democracy before our very eyes, blatantly in bold daylight. How is this happening? Let’s break it down.

The dumbing down of America…or…How Donald Trump got elected.

By sheer simplistics and the dumbing down of America, Donald Trump has been elected. Take this sentence:

You can count on Donald Trump to fuck things up.

Do you agree? I do, yes, 100%. Two out of three people currently agree with me. Anything with Trump’s name on it is tainted, from his bogus gifts of charity to the buildings around the world that display his brazen signage–TRUMP. From the bankrupt casinos to the bankrupt airlines to the bankrupt steak company…Trump and his brand stink.

They smell of corruption, of collusion, of treason. HE, Donald J Trump, reeks of corruption, collusion and capitalism run amok.

He, and his staff, smell to high heavens and to hell and back! Thanks to them, you can dump sewage in the waters, rape and pillage national lands for gain, belittle and attack anyone who is not white-skinned, and slaughter any animal in any INhumane way you want—as long as these things are all in pursuit of the almighty dollar! Aahhh, capitalism. Aint it great?!

Yes, You can count on Donald Trump to fuck things up.

But here is the hard reality. Our media, the Press, and the headlines got Trump elected—and are now keeping him in power!

Because the only thing people see in the sentence above is–

You Can Count on Trump!

They DO NOT READ to the end of the sentence!!

They never ever see the words “to fuck things up.” Their brains are already too full with five simple words. They do not read to the end of the sentence to complete the thought—which means exactly the opposite of what they read—that Trump is 100% guaranteed to fuck everything up.

I guess this is why Trump “loves the poorly educated.” He can convince them he is smart and they are invincible simply knowing they’ll never reach the end of the sentence and the end of the thought. And, yes, that’s an exact Trump quote. He loves the poorly educated.

In my mind, it’s not “poorly educated”; to me, it is, “easily distracted.” I don’t think everyone who voted for Trump is ignorant or stupid. But I do think if the people who voted for Trump paid more attention, if they really hung-in to get the full story, they’d realize that when you complete the sentence, when you complete the thought, Trump truly is fucking things up.

Let me rewrite this sentence and headline so people understand.


You can count on Donald Trump to fuck things up


Count on Trump to Fuck it Up


Donald Trump is a FUCK UP!

Get it? Five short words that people will remember! DONALD. TRUMP. IS. A. FUCK-UP!

It’s not that hard. TELL IT LIKE IT IS! In as few words as possible.

@msnbc @rachelmaddow @amjoy @alexwitt  Do you hear me? Do you understand how your coverage is not reaching average Americans with a high school diploma or GED?

Do your journalist duty. Do some of that writer shit—and tell the story!!! Count on Donald Trump to fuck things up!!! And document it! Tell the story!

History, and we the people, ARE COUNTING ON YOU! And history, and we the people, will thank you.

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